Sassy Pants Skirt

30 Apr

I made this skirt for Lady last week. While I was measuring her waist in order to finish the elastic, she was being a sweet sassy pants. Purposely saying silly things so she could call herself a silly goose and to make me laugh. I called her a sassy pants and she thought that was the name of the skirt. She walked around the house waiting for her dad to come home singing “my new sassy pants”.

I used the following tutorial to create the skirt, and was very pleased with the sassy pants result. So pleased, in fact, I purchased two fat quarters to make another similiar style skirt (Goal: to make it before we head to Buffalo next week so Lady can wear a new skirt on the plane because I am funny and like to look nice to fly). I wasn’t thinking through to the end result as I was sewing, and so, I was left with a visible raw edge where I placed the white addition onto the bottom of the bandanna. This was bothering me. I went back and folded up the hem of the bandanna over the raw edge and top stitched. I am much happier. The original tutorial probably took care of this, but I was so excited about being able to finish a project in one afternoon I didn’t realize the raw edge until I was done sewing. (There aren’t many things I can complete in one sitting…this skirt felt like a HUGE accomplishment!)


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