Happy Day Dress!

15 May


This was Lady’s *Happy Day* dress; her 2nd happy day to be exact. I love this dress! I am so proud of having finished this dress. This was my hardest project to date – and, I needed some help. But, it is done and Lady looks beautiful!

One of the displays in my local fabric shop children’s section were beautiful day gowns with lace insertion. I never would have been able to make this dress by myself. So last Fall, I took my one and only sewing class. The instructor was great, she helped modify the pattern to fit a two year old, not a newborn. But it quickly became obvious I was in WAY over my head and the class was definitely not long enough for me to complete the project. Early in the Spring, Joel’s Mom offered to help (thank you!) and we were able to finish the dress before Lady’s Birthday! Unlike other projects, every step in in dress was learning.

Happy Day Dress 2

The dress has one main insertion down the center of the dress. There are cathedral windows displaying the ribbon, then two pieces of lace on the right and left side. The dress is then finished as a day gown.

Maybe, just maybe, I can make all the girl’s happy day dresses…..

And, Lady on her 2nd birthday.

Happy Day Dress 1


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