Pattern Making a la Lady

24 Jun

When Ella was tinny tiny she given this adorable Baby Gap jumper made of soft  brown corduroy and two birds appliqued to the front. It was reversible and wrapped closed with two buttons across the shoulder blades.   It was one of my favorites.  Since Lady was born in March, and was a tad slower to gain weight than sweet Sophia who was born in January (almost a whole pound bigger, and put on weight like she was drinking straight cream), not everything of Lady’s fits Sophie.  I wanted this jumper to fit. Badly. And, it did not.  So, I decided I would just make my own.  I began by tracing the jumper and adding seam allowances, and Sophie allowances.  Here is the work in progress pattern:  a la LadyPattern making

Please note the morning cup of tea and the artistic flair she added to the pattern – apparently that is how she works best!  It is not done yet.  It may have to wait until nap time.


One Response to “Pattern Making a la Lady”

  1. Maria Rose July 11, 2009 at 2:52 am #

    I just stumbled upon your delightful blog. What an adorable photo.

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