To Sophie Rose at 6 months

21 Jul


Oh my Sophie Rose, I just love you so very much.  How? how? How has six months gone by since we were in the hospital together watching the MLK celebration and the swearing in of President Obama?  I want to put you in shoebox so you can stay my baby forever.   It seems like it was just yesterday since Ella and I were hibernating (and knitting your blanket) from the cold just waiting for you to arrive.  You are a wonderful little girl who has a belly laugh that could warm up any room.  Ella is the main recipient of your laughs.  She calls you Soapie Rose, holds your hands on car rides, feeds you cereal, and tells you not to cry. You will have known your best friend your entire life, and that is one very special gift my love, the gift of a sister.

You have already started crawling (five and half months) and are now navigating your way around our home.  You are eating rice cereal, started squash with enthusiasm and then tappered off.  You are still nursing like a champ, and today you get to try avocado.  You are a good sleeper, and for that I am thankful.  There are so many ways you remind me of a sweet little bird.  You are shy around new people, and an excellent observer. You have a quiet side, and your coo is beautiful.  Slowly, your little voice is coming out and I cannot wait to see you develop into your own little person.

Most importantly, I want to always remember how much  you are my little snuggle bug. You delight me with how much you love me and how you would rather I hold you than anyone.  So when you get big, remember Sophie I use to just hold you and watch you sleep because I know these days will not last forever, but I would want them to.   I love you so very much my Sophie Rose, and I am so glad I am your mommy.

One Response to “To Sophie Rose at 6 months”

  1. Maria Rose July 30, 2009 at 9:18 pm #

    Oh my, that was beautiful!

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