The hatchet of spring cleaning

7 Apr

I am a list maker.  Well, I like to see things checked off the list, actually.  Small rewards; that’s really all I need, people.  Somehow spring and spring cleaning makes me want to make lists like nobody’s business. 

My list of places to organize in my home was getting to be a mountain in my mind.  At the end of February, Joel’s mom came and helped me do a major organization of the girl’s toys.  (This was a major project) Thank you!!!!

Well, now a fire has been lit under my tail and I am energized by the ease at picking up.  Ella does a fantastic job of picking up if things are already sorted AND there is a designated place to put them.  For example, she will pick up all her dress up since there is a bin for only dress up.  It is easy for her, and in turn, it is easy for me. Sophie is even trying to get in on the action by throwing items in there.  Music to my ears, I tell you!
Joel and the girls have been troopers and helped do a major reorganizing of the areas I let get messy through the holiday madness and first trimester tiredness.  This year our closets got the hatchet for Spring Cleaning and it has entailed:

  • Inventorying all of the girl’s clothes and  putting in space bags all the one we don’t need right now.
  • Inventorying all of my clothes.  Discarding the ones I don’t like enough to wait until they fit post baby and moving all the ones that don’t currently fit to the back of the closet to make room for the now necessary elastic waistbands …..
  • Joel also sorted his clothes, although he needs no elastic waistbands

There was some other cleaning of sorts, but I am so happy this *huge” closet project is done.  And, I hope the thrift store is happy with our two large donations.

A few items escaped the thrift store pile … coming soon ….

[above picture taken on this Easter Weekend outing]


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