a little fabric love & tuesday’s happenings

18 May

They look so pretty all folded and pressed!  This year, I participated in the vintage sheet swap hosted by Katie Jean.  I mailed off the package last week.  I sent 45 fat quarters and cannot wait to see what arrives at our house.  Why can’t all mail be this good???

The plan for the some of the fabric is a quilt for the Lady.  She moved to a big girl bed about two months ago and she needs a little quilt love.

We are leaving for the beach on Friday and there is lots on my mind:

  1. send Joel to target for the last minute things we need
  2. make a major family packing list
  3. wash all the clothes that need to be taken
  4. return all library books
  5. figure out which portable project I am taking with me
  6. and. the. list. goes. on.

The list is so worth it when Lady comes to you and tells you she is going to try and find Ariel in the water at the beach. When she has found Ariel, she is going to build a tidal pool (like Max and Ruby do) and they can swim in it together.

The rest of Sophia’s cloth diaper’s arrived yesterday in the mail.  I am liking cloth and am glad we made the decision.  For those curious we are using the Babyland brand on ebay.  I am very happy with them; they have snaps which make them pretty daddy friendly and they were inexpensive compared to other brands.  We opted for an inexpensive start up cost b/c when we began them we were not completely sold on switching to cloth- mostly, we wanted to see if we could manage the extra laundry.  I must say they are not bad at all.  We ordered ten at first and just got the second set of ten yesterday.  They are all washed and ready to go for today!

I should go now since when I began this post Sophia was trying to sweep the cat with her plastic broom and belly laughing in the process.  Now, she and her sister have dumped the markers.  I hope you all have a happy Tuesday.

One Response to “a little fabric love & tuesday’s happenings”

  1. Calie June 1, 2010 at 10:12 pm #

    We have a ton of Babyland diapers as well!!! I think I would like them a little bit more if Hannah was wider around, but because she’s so skinny, the unsnapped tabs on the sides tend to sag. But otherwise, I love them. 🙂

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