Peach Picking

9 Jun


Well, here we are all back at home, settled for the most part, but I am still living in vacation mode.  I have had all these imagined posts planned of the finished baby hat, the knitting I took to the beach, and pictures of our time away.  They will come, I promise, as we have been trying to find our stride again.  Today was an unexpected break from our normal Wednesday happenings.   Normally, Bubba comes.  Today, however, he was sick and Joel did not have much to do.  And ….

Peaches are in season!  So, we went to the orchard and had a morning of play.  We were the only ones there.  Rows and rows of glorious peaches all to ourselves.  Can you tell I love this laid back life and that just might be the reason I am having such a hard time letting go???

The peaches are great.  Plans for cobbler are a brewing.  The girls, and the adults, filled their bellies in the field.   And, then we took a nap.  Maybe tomorrow I will wash the floor ……

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