What goes around, comes around

30 Jun

Do you remember those Jelly Shoes from the early 90’s?  As ridiculous as they were they were all the rage.  I remember hunting for the perfect pair.  Not for fashion purposes mind you; I had something bigger and better dreamed up for those Jelly Shoes.  They were my ticket onto the *big girl* roller coaster I had been waiting all winter to ride.  See my summer sandals just did not make me 48 inches.  And, that summer I NEEDED to be 48 inches tall.  Enter jelly shoes.  That little heel was just the boost I needed to flip my small self upside down and round and round.  My dad acquiesced, because he knew there was no stopping me once I was determined and we found a pair with a heel high enough to make me 48 inches.

Fast forward 20 years and one determined, not to be stopped Sophia later: Prince Elmo’s Spire in Busch Gardens.

Yes, my dare-devil Sophia wiggled her way out of her stroller in order to ride this ride.  A couple things to note: Papa rode with her, the ride attendant assured Nana & Papa the harness would secure her in place, she was not tall enough to see over the side of the ride to get scared, and the ride is in the kid’s land intended for children.

{photo from ThemePark Review.com}

One Response to “What goes around, comes around”

  1. Maria Rose June 30, 2010 at 1:41 pm #

    Fun. Plus, jelly shoes are making a come back with the youngsters!

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