Eva Joy ::: her name

16 Sep

Eva Joy ::: Her name.

I really didn’t believe I was pregnant with Eva, even though I KNEW I was.  Joel kept telling me I wasn’t.  I told him he could go to the store to buy us a test. I couldn’t drink any water for hours that mid-December evening.  I would be shocked if we were and I would be disappointed if we were not.   It was the only time we found out about a baby together.  I surprised Joel with the news of Ella.  The doctor told me about Sophia at my yearly checkup.  With Eva we found out together – two tests later, mind you. (Those lines are just so faint sometimes =))

I remember sitting on our bed asking Joel to pray for this little baby.  I was shocked – could not believe we were going to have another little one in our family.  Yet, I remember the most overpowering feeling of the night; It was the complete assurance deep inside of me (us really) that this baby was planned by God.  Despite the fact, the two younger girls would only be 19 months apart, and I was feeling completely overwhelmed; I knew he or she was wanted and loved from the moment we found out about her.

Eva ::: life from the Lord.

After the road we walked while pregnant with Eva: Joel losing his job, the consuming search of finding another job, moving to a new town and carrying on with a semi-normal life for our girls, the Lord cemented in our minds and hearts His life for us is better than anything we could have ever choose for ourselves. Was everyday easy? – Of course, not.  Was every day full of a feeling of joy? Certainly, no.  But, it was the cry of our heart.

Joy ::: assurance in the life the Lord has planned

We have found our hope/We have found our peace/We have found our rest in the One who Loves.  He will light the way.  He will lead us home.  ::: Lyrics from Hillsong.  Album :: A Beautiful Exchange.

The lyrics above are my hope and prayer for you, our sweet little one. I long for your life to filled with joy that surpasses all understanding.

So, in case you ever wonder how we choose your name, in our hearts, the meaning of Eva was chosen from the moment we found out about you and now we couldn’t imagine our life without you!

I realize this is probably only a post for Eva and I, but as she lay sleeping on my lap as I type this, I am positive I want to remember all these details before they pass in the blink of an eye.  May I live slow enough to remember and savor what is truly important.

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