Koala Bear

17 Nov

When I was little, my mom’s day off of work was Thursday.  Up until I was four and half and Mar-Mar came along, it was just me and her.  One of the vividest memories I have is going to the Buffalo Zoo to see the koala bear on loan when I was four or so.    I loved this exhibit.   I am positive we  went many, many times.    I am not sure I really thought about this until the girls received a picture book about a Koala bear.  As I was reading the book to the older girls before bed one night it hit me how much Eva is just like said koala bear.  This girl is a snuggler.  She curls herself up in my arms, clutches on to me with her little fist, and stays put.

It felt good to sew again. A snuggle for my snuggler.

This morning, Ella is sitting on the floor singing – she is currently combining every song she knows to make one grandiose serenade to Eva.  In turn, Sophia is trying to capture Eva’s attention with her plastic, colorful spoons from breakfast.  Eva is sitting in her seat blowing bubbles.  And, I am happy today began with no tears, whereas, yesterday began with oh. so. many.

We are leaving for Buffalo in just a couple days.  We found the portable DVD player we bought at a yard sale for $5 this summer and packed in a ‘safe place’ so it wouldn’t get lost in the move.  Ha, it has taken us three days to find it.

Until next time dear friends ….


2 Responses to “Koala Bear”

  1. cornel November 28, 2010 at 6:27 am #

    Katie, this is a beautiful heartfelt post and picture. C x

  2. Allison November 29, 2010 at 3:09 pm #

    that picture is so sweet. Thanks for saying hello and stopping by….I got those fabrics in my post at hawthornethreads.com I think the ones you are referring too both Michael Miller fabrics, the yellow is Sandi Henderson farmers market. have a good one! -Allison

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