under the christmas glow

10 Dec

I have been smocking a little bit lately.  This time for Ella.  When we pleated Peppermint Days, we also assembled and pleated a dress for Ella sizing it so it would be ready in the springtime.  I have been working on it little by little, during nap time  & while watching Mad Men, Season One.  I really love Mad Men.  Joel and I  have watched it since Season One began, but every once in a while I like to go back through old episodes of my favorite shows.  In order, one episode, after another, after another.

Last night, Joel was out for a little bit (Thursday Night Football) and the Christmas Tree glow called my name.  There is not much stillness in my life right now, but last night it was just me, the tree, Dove Promises little chocolate goodnesses, and the row of stitches.

We are slowly decorating for Christmas.  The girls are infatuated with moving ornaments around on the tree and finding beads to drape across the branches. They have quite the aesthetic going; as most of the time they are ooooo-ing and ahhhh-ing over how pretty it looks NOW.

There is a whole clan of birds feeding from the bird feeder this morning, including the cutest finches.  I need to try to keep the feeder full so I can keep watching them out of the sliding glass door.


2 Responses to “under the christmas glow”

  1. mary February 21, 2011 at 1:10 am #

    Hey girl!

    Just found your blog and have been reading some of your entries! LOVE your blog and your craftiness, I am inspired. Sounds like you are enjoying Northern Virginia, hope the transition hasn’t been too stressful.

    And we just started watching Mad Men (in January, recommended by my brother). It has quickly become one of our all time favorite shows.

    Good to be able to see how you are doing!

    Mary Brissett


  1. {gratitude} finishing the unfinished « - March 17, 2011

    […] the weekend, I finished the dress I was slowly smocking for Ella.  Monday, I mailed it off to my mother in law.  She has graciously […]

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