{gratitude} finishing the unfinished

17 Mar

I seem to have gotten some motivation for the unfinished.   In my world, there will always be more laundry, more dishes, more boogies to wipe, more hugs, so the unfinished has just kind of become a comfortable part of my world.  Sometime last week, however, I realized I had ALOT going through my brain.  The unfinished was starting to cloud my thinking.  The paper pile on the desk that needed to be dealt with was really irking me.  The floor needed to be swept right then.  I could go on …..  Rational ‘ole me decided after coming up with a list and then sweeping the floor, I would poke around my craftiness as well.  Above is the last seam I needed to sew up for a sweater I have been my longest work in progress.  Yesterday, the girls woke up from their nap, so I have not finished it yet, but …. I will …

Over the weekend, I finished the dress I was slowly smocking for Ella.  Monday, I mailed it off to my mother in law.  She has graciously offered to do all the sewing and finishing of the dress for me.  When I began this project, I knew it would be a slow project and I enjoyed working on it off and on this winter.  It feels even better to have finished it!

Up on today’s docket is the rest of the pile in the kitchen, taking the girls to get haircuts, making sure we have all of Ella’ birthday presents lined up for next week, and cooking corned beef and cabbage. (I love corned beef and cabbage.)


In continuing with my gratitude list,

:: Happy Birthday Danielle.  It is a wonderful thing when you still love and cherish your best friend since the 8th grade.  I love you Danielleie-lou.

:: One of my dearest friends got into a terrible looking accident two nights ago.  Miraculously, she is escaped with almost no injuries.  I am so grateful she is going to be ok and that she was protected from what could have been much worse.  Oh, I wish I could see you and Melissa for a bagel .. or something stronger ….

::The weather seems to be much more like spring this morning and it is forecasted to be beautiful tomorrow.  Hello outside.  Goodbye cabin fever.

One last thing … You know how this weekend was Spring Forward for Daylight Savings Time.  Well, Joel and I seemed to have forgotten.  Woke up at what we thought was our normal time.  Got dressed.  Drove to church.  Yep, you guessed it one hour late.  The greeter got a rolling laugh that we actually thought it was 10:45 in the morning.  We took the girls to Duncan Doughnuts instead.

One Response to “{gratitude} finishing the unfinished”

  1. Danielle May 11, 2011 at 9:04 pm #

    I just saw this now!! I love you!

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