All about the buttons

4 Apr

Sewing taught me many things, but one of the most important is sewing has taught me is HOW I learn a best.  Case in point:  I most prefer to be shown something (with good verbal instruction) and then allowed to try said skill on my own.  To really learn it; I need to do it.  A long time ago I made, with lots of help,  a corduroy jumper for Ella.  I think it was even before I had a blog.   After this corduroy jumper was done, I decided I was going to beef up my garment sewing skills.  I went to choose a sweet calico fabric that would look perfect on my then two year old Ella come spring time. I could do this!


There are parts of any project that make me a tab bit nervous. The feeling of “Oh no, what if I screw this up?”.   For me, button holes.  Yep.  That’s was it.

Pretty fabric chosen: check.

Dress cut out: check.

Dress sewn together: check.  Right down to the button holes and the bottom hem.

Two year come and go.  Every once in a while, I see the jumper.  I think to myself I really should finish that one.  I could learn to make a button hole.  I never do.

Fast forward to this winter.  I get a new (to me) sewing machine.  A really beauty.  She even has a modern button hole stitch.  One day, two weeks ago or so, I was rummaging around in my fabric bin and a came across the aforementioned jumper.  I knew if I could just make one of those buttons it would fit one of my girls. Eventually … maybe even now….

So really this jumper was all about the buttons.  Funny thing is, I cut this dress out years ago for Ella and it fits her now.  I am not sure how I was so off on the sizing, but let’s just call that a happy mistake.

Buttons: check.


One Response to “All about the buttons”

  1. Sarah S April 14, 2011 at 1:36 pm #

    Looks like it was worth the wait!

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