12 Apr

It is here.

Just in time.

Last week as soon as the cherry blossoms emerged, the girls and I went on a little cherry blossom hunt walk.  They each brought home some cherry blossom branches for the kitchen table.  We have been playing outside as much as we can.

I went to the wedding of one of my friends from college.  It was wonderful to see her and her new husband so happy.  I also got to see several other dear college friends.

I have felt a little foggy lately.  Last week, easy tasks seemed to take forever.  The same basket of laundry sat at the top of the stairs for several days just waiting for me to put it away.  I am going to call it spring fever, give myself lots of grace and move on with this week.

Ella picked up some very nasty bug over the weekend and the beginning of this week has been off to a bit of a rough start.  I don’t remember her every being this sick. We found some good shows on ‘on-demand’ tv, and we seem to be just making it through the days.  I am hoping and praying tomorrow is better.  In focusing on my gratitude list, Ella wanted me to take a nap with her in my bed – she snuggled up so close and asked me to read her Charlotte’s Web.

*The highlight of the day however was Miss Evie officially scooted.  Yay Eva!*

Joel has gone to get some Indian food so we can park it on the couch…  See you here soon, I have a knitting project I finished.


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