Peter Rabbit Sweater

2 May

My first sweater!!!!! This baby was such a labor of love.  This sweater was hanging up in my local knitting shop after I finished Sophie’s knit blanket, and I started thinking about it.  Alot.  Enough to take the plunge to commit to making a sweater.  I originally cast on for the 9-12 month size hoping to give it to Sophie for her first birthday. After knitting on it for a little while, I realized it was going to take me way longer to knit this bad boy up.  I ripped out what I had already knit and started over in the size two.  Here it is now able to fit my two year old Sophie.

When I first began the sweater, I was taking a knitting class at the same shop where I saw the sweater.  I don’t think I would have begun this project if I did not have help understanding how to read a pattern involving multiple pieces.  I am not sure I would say it was a hard pattern – it just showed me alot that I didn’t know about knitting. After class finished, I sort of set the sweater to the side.  I think it took months for me to come back to it.  I remember going to a drop-in knitting class four nights before we moved from Charlottesville because the directions made no sense to me about how to pick up stitches and begin the neckband and I just HAD TO be taught before we moved and I went into labor.  Ha!  I have one understanding husband.

Once I finished knitting, and we had moved, I set it aside again before seaming up the side seams.  Everything about this process was so new, it was almost as if I had to work up the confidence to continue onto the next stage of the process.  When all was said and done it is finished, it fits the intended child, and I am more than happy with it!

A perfect jacket for the most curious of all my girls.  Just don’t lose it in Mr. Macgregor’s garden,Sophie ….

Ravelry notes here.

2 Responses to “Peter Rabbit Sweater”

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    […] for the knitting, after I finished the Peter Rabbit sweater, I quickly ordered yarn for a sweater I had been dreaming of for Eva.  I am more than halfway done […]

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