Hot messes & learning something new

12 May

See that hot mess there just lounging around off the needles making me ever so nervous? That was the state of my knitting during yesterday’s afternoon nap time.  Two nights ago, Joel and I were watching The King’s Speech, and I thought I had everything all set to begin the yoke of the Bluebell Sweater.  I thought I was doing row 1 correctly.  Then, I read the directions for row 2.  I didn’t do row 1 correctly, and my stitch count was going to be terribly and noticeably off.  I had to rip it back.  That night, I just didn’t have the brain power to rip back the 245 patterned stitches.  Off they came yesterday.  I got them all back on the needles!  This made me very happy.  Somehow along the way I noticed one of the sleeves was a little shorter than the other one.  I am at *as perfect* a place as I could be to take some off the sweater off the needles again, so I am going to tackle that before beginning the yoke again.

On Tuesday, I also worked on my Kids Clothing Week Challenge.  I like having the goal of working on a sewing project for  one hour a day for a week.  Tuesday, I worked on a skirt for Sophie. I wanted to add pockets to the simple skirt idea I had been playing around with.  I drew up a little pocket pattern and then sewed up the tube of the skirt.  I got a serger for Christmas and I had fiddled with it a couple times, but until Tuesday there were never any mistakes that needed to be fixed.  Let me state for the record the serger was pretty intimidating to me. Somehow I tangled the threads pretty badly and needed to untangle my mess.  Just like my knitting, my sewing was also a great big hot mess.  I began to tackle my insecurities.  I am not sure I would have stuck with it, without the challenge.  I didn’t finish my project, but I did teach myself some new things and learn a great deal about my serger in the process.

{I actually didn’t sew for the challenge yesterday – I really wanted to see the knitting through & back happily on the needles}.

I have some things to tackle around the house and then I am hoping to work more on the challenge.  I would like to get to the store to get the rest of our vegetables and put them in the raised beds.  Today is suppose to be the nicest day this week, and then it will turn to rain.  I would like to have our basil and cucumbers in the ground before the rain comes.  Our sweet neighbor brought over all of his extra tomato plants last week. Thirteen of them to be exact.  I was over the moon excited.  There is just a little bit of space left for cucumbers, basil and a few other herbs.


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