Back from the beach

8 Jun

We are back from our vacation to the beach.  The sun, sand, sangria, knitting, and laughing did me well.  I am not sure I realized how nice a break was going to be until I eased back into our normal life with a little bit more of a smile on my face.  Now that we are home, the weather has been fantastic as June has begun. I find us spending more and more of our time outside.  Early June days, you are so sweet ….

Being on vacation always helps me with perspective.  I have tried to have a semi-consistent routine with the girls for some time now, but recently I had become pretty lax about the transition from breakfast to the start of our day.   Joel and I were noticing they were really craving the routine by the time vacation was wrapping up.  We decided on a few simple chores for Ella, and I am having Sophia help with them as well.  They have been fairly willing.  As an added bonus,  I think they are playing better when I work to ensure they clean up one toy before they bring out another one. They are playing better and longer with each toy.   For the past month or so, they have been coloring more than any other activity, by far.  While I am very pleased by this, I still think it is interesting every time they happily choose crayons over all their other toys in the morning.    I can’t tell you how happy this makes me that they are choosing the simple toys to create something with.

{This picture cracks me up; Joel says it is the most angelic they will look for the whole year. Yet, the picture below highlights their little personalitities so much more accurately.}

We added this week, a little devotion book to our routine after breakfast.  The girls and I eat while Joel gets ready for work, and then we have been reading Five Minute Devotions for Children.  Each animal story is only a page long, and each day features a different animal’s unique trait with a bible verse highlighting that specific trait.  I have been pretty impressed with the girls answers to the questions and their ability to understand abstract concepts.  Today’s lesson was on the cuckoo bird and how he is a pretty selfish bird.  (I did not know this before this morning.)  Then we talked to the girls about how we can love each other by sharing and working really hard not to say “MINE”.

While at the beach,  I decided Eva needed another mama made sweater.  There is a little yarn shop near the beach house we stayed at, and I couldn’t help but visit while I we were there.  The shop owner and staff member were so sweet.  They helped me choose yarn for a Wyatt Sweater.    So far I am really liking the construction of the sweater.  I did have to start over right before beginning the arms however.  To achieve width gauge I needed to go up two needle sizes; I didn’t realize how much that would throw off the length of the garment. I pulled the sweater back, readjusted the stitch count and began again.

I hope you all have a great day.  What projects are you working on lately?


Joining Ginny of Small Things for her yarn along series.


4 Responses to “Back from the beach”

  1. barefootrooster June 8, 2011 at 10:51 pm #

    LOVE these photos — beautiful girls, beautiful you. And that knitting! So lovely. Sounds like you had a wonderful time at the beach.

    • theladybird June 9, 2011 at 10:32 pm #

      Thanks so much! Let me know whenever you are coming through our area, we sure would like to see you!

  2. Rachel at Stitched in Color June 19, 2011 at 2:37 pm #

    What incredible photos. I loved your remarks on the “angelic” one. Kids can be such a crackup!


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    […] of the days while we were on our vacation to the beach, way back in May, I escaped to a sweet little knitting store by myself.  Besides that being […]

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