my little quilt helper

21 Jul

It has been a good week.  I was feeling a little quiet this week with the girls gone. Good and yet strange to be out of my normal routine.  I had time to think, and just be.   I am happy to report they are having a great time, and no hermit crab is coming home to our nest.  Eva and I were able to get a few nagging projects done, Joel and I drank a few strawberry mojitos, I started The Good Wife at four o’clock in the afternoon (I know, crazy!),  found some great treasures at the thrift store, and I got the beginnings of Ella’s quilt cut out.

I have been collecting sheets from here and there for quite some time, so I am very excited to have begun working on this one.  So far, I have 60 of the squares cut out. I think I need close to 180 to make the size quilt I want for her bed.  On ward and upward.

{above photo slightly blurry – but she was just so cute sitting up there helping me}

Thank you for all the sweet comments you all have been leaving me recently.  I can’t tell you how much your sweet words have meant to me.

3 Responses to “my little quilt helper”

  1. Rachel July 22, 2011 at 11:59 am #

    I cut out a bunch of vintage sheet stripes to make a quite for Sarah…but I haven’t gotten past that. Wish I could come by for some quilting advice. I was very optimistic to think I could just jump into quilting with no idea what I’m doing…
    Love that sweet little helper! Such a cute little outfit she has, too.

    • Rachel July 22, 2011 at 12:00 pm #

      ..oops…a quilt for Sarah…


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    […] 100 quilt squares […]

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