Everyday Beauty : Day 13, 14 & 15

16 Sep

Friends, sorry didn’t intend to be absent from this space with my everyday beauty posts this week.  Just took a little bit to find our stride with starting a new routine.  The weather was very nice in the beginning of the week, and we spent a good bit of our days outside.  Last night, a change happened in the weather and when I got up this morning it was only 43 degrees outside.  Almost time for soups …..

After taking pictures of Lady leaving for school, Sophia took my hand and walked up the driveway.  She was still in her nightgown with an over sized silver bow headband in un-brushed hair and her church shoes on since they were the only shoes by the front door.  She looked ridiculous.  She look precious.  We turned around, walked up the driveway and began the first day of this season of our lives.

Ella really liked preschool this week.  She wore her new dress, brought a book for show and tell today, has come home with loads of papers, and keeps telling me about what happens when you are the special helper for the day.

We made applesauce, as promised.  This week, I also took advantage of the nice weather and made apple prints with the girls on the beautiful Tuesday morning. I used crayola washable paint and it did not stick to the apple very well.  I think a tempura paint would have worked much better, but this was a last minute arts & craft attempt on my part.   Ella was much more excited by finger painting and needed to be hosed off to get the paint off her arm.  I introduced the letter “A” to Sophia.  This time around I am trying to do letter recognition and phonetic sound at the same time.  We will work slowly, and see what happens ….

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