The wedding!

10 Oct

The wedding was a hit!   My sister was a stunning bride.  Mar and Tim had a fantastic wedding.  I always cherish seeing all our Buffalo family in one place.   It was a blast celebrating such a special day.

{The above picture is from the photographer’s sneak peak.  Tim wanted to talk to Margaret before the ceremony and this is the shot the photographer got.}

Moments that made me cry: Sophia telling MarMar how pretty all the beads on her dress were before the ceremony.  Evie being brave enough to walk down the aisle holding Joel’s hand.  Mar saying her wedding vows.  Tim held it together – Mar was crying and it was just so pretty.

As much as I love the formal pictures, some of my absolute favorites came from the silliness of the photo booth that night!  (They are the  two below.)

My ladies couldn’t wait to get onto the dance floor.  Ella told Joel she was too excited about the dancing to eat her dinner.  She and one of her cousins (age 6) could have just about competed on Dancing with the Stars with their dance floor take over  – twists, twirls and all.

The happy couple is still on their honeymoon.  We are home, unpacked and feeling (mostly) back to normal.  Several of us came home with early fall colds and Evie got sick to her tummy from all the congestion she had.  We are all on the mend, and for that I am thankful.  Here’s to the special moments, the love, the celebrating, and the happiness that makes this life so special.

Photo credit: James Bass Photography, as noted.


One Response to “The wedding!”

  1. barefoot rooster October 10, 2011 at 3:45 pm #

    katie — lovely all around. these photos are bursting with exuberance and joy. and what a gorgeous family you have! (you look stunning in that grey dress.) welcome home.

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