For these moments

30 Oct

Friday, after a little party at preschool, we hit the road to come visit Nana & Poppa.  Saturday morning we woke up, the tide was high, water was already in the marsh, and the sky had only one command – stay inside. Saturday night, we went to a wedding reception of a lovely bride who has known Joel for his whole life and came at the last minute to be our wedding point person/coordinator/sanity saver.  Two generations of friends were at the reception Saturday night: parents who were friends before they had their children, and the children who all grew up together.  There was genuine friendship and love and it was a happy night.

We woke Sunday and the sky could not have been any more different than the morning before. We took the girls to the Yorktown River front and had a picnic. We saw the boat docked. The windmill is the reproduction of the Yorktown Windmill.  A man reproduced this by hand, and was there working on the gears inside while we were eating lunch.

For these moments:

  • storm systems in the bay setting the pace of Saturday
  • the water that covers wooden bridges and keeps us on the island
  • hot apple cider & pumpkin cookies as a better alternative than outside
  • while watching Casablanca for the first time
  • wedding receptions with two generations of friendships
  • talking with new friends like they are old friends
  • sunny Sundays
  • walks along the riverfront
  • windmills
  • changing baby dolls clothes
  • paper turned into castles
  • children who climb in the dryer (yes, sophie did this earlier this week – with her blanket and pillow, no less)
  • little girls who love to be  line leaders
  • Eva’s early morning dry cheerios in a cup
  • rainbows in the sky after the rain
  • a new journal
  • the unexpected & life’s journey which will be written & remembered on those pages

For these moments, these pauses, the grace of God in the moment, I am so thankful.

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