{for these moments}

7 Nov

Every year, usually twice a year, I get this nesting urge.  You know the one I am talking about.  The one where one specific area flashes by your radar and you can’t seem to want to motivate yourself for other household chores until that one particuliar chore is set striaght.  The Mr. knows the look in my eye.  He goes with it, now.  He is a smart man.  This week, as I was unpacking, the flash registered: my closet. I knew there were clothes still from my teaching days, ones that were faded, ones that were not the best fit.  I also knew I did not feel a good conscience about buying any new pieces until I felt I had a good handle on what I already owned and most importantly needed.  We broke it into two manageable sized chunks of time coinciding with Miss Eva’s napping times.  I am pleased to report today I am wearing a sweater that has not seen the light of day in quite some time, the hubs did his closet as well, and all items are waiting for the donation truck in the garage.  The girls thought this was a super cool event and celebrated by drawing pictures with colored pencils of what we decided we need as we sorted and organized.  Ella told him he didn’t need so many shoes, and Sophia was thrilled to find two ribbons that look “beautiful & perfect” in her hair.

I want to live in the simplicity of only having what I believe to be beautiful and know to be useful.  (adapted from William Morris).

As the weather grows cooler, I am cherishing the change of weather and the change in attitude that naturally brings about.  For these moments:

  • first frosts
  • the mist that flies from the car as Joel pulls away toward work
  • Eva with her morning cereal snuggling me on the couch while I have my quiet time before the older girls are gotten
  • little ladies picking out winter slippers out of a catalog
  • knowing well enough that I don’t even need to ask choices : Ella – pink; Sophia – blue
  • first fires on a Saturday night
  • quilts piled on the couch
  • little feet under them with lollipops in hand
  • week night phone calls with dear old friends after far too long
  • finding out she and her family are coming to visit on their way to thanksgiving
  • knowing we will drink tea, hold hands, and tell each other everything like we are five. she (my buggy) is dear indeed
  • ribbons in pig tails “beautiful & perfect”
  • excitement over new dresses and soccer jerseys
  • just happy her taste in clothes matches my taste in clothes for her

For these moments, these pauses, the grace of God in the moment, I am so thankful.


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