In, Around, Through, & Off

7 Dec

While spending time in the playroom yesterday morning with the girls, Ella asked me if I could teach her to knit.  Oh my!  My sweet Ella could I ever.  Nestled in back to front saying ” IN, AROUND, THROUGH, OFF”  she got the beginning of garter stitch. Then, she announced very confidently and proudly that she was going to make a pink shirt for Sophia.

I am still working my way through The Distant Hours by Kate Morton and the Blue Wyatt sweater I mentioned here.  I really like the book. I have started a little habit of laying down with Ella for a little while at the start of nap time.  I read for a tiny bit and she has a few minutes to calm down.  There have even been a couple times where both of us have fallen asleep, which is just a  sweet time with her.  I read The Forgotten Garden by Morton earlier this year and liked that one as well.  Knitting, however, is not having as much progress.  I was distracted this week by continuing to decorate for Christmas and trying to get a large portion of the Christmas shopping done.  We are waiting on several packages to arrive in the mail.  Joel was able to come home from work early yesterday, and I went out by myself yesterday (gasp) and was able to hunt down a few presents.

what are you working on or reading this week?

+++ joining ginny in her weekly yarn along.


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