*New Address*

9 Dec

I got an early birthday present this year.  Joel bought and set up a new address for my blog!  You can find Lady Bird at www.beautifulladybird.com now.  You will be automatically redirected through the url, but please take just a minute to update your RSS feeds.  If you have any snafus, please let me know and I will ask Joel about them.

Thank you Joel for making the behind the scenes magic happen without me knowing and having it all ready for me!

And, to you dear readers,  Thanks for being here on this journey with me.  I am grateful for each of you.  Through this little space, I have been able to reconnect with old, and in real life, friends that I cherish.  But, I have also gotten to make new friends who encourage me and spur my creativity.  Thanks for taking a moment to leave a comment and being so friendly.   If you are not a follower, might you take a moment and sign up?

Thanks again.



One Response to “*New Address*”

  1. barefootrooster December 9, 2011 at 5:49 pm #

    congratulations on your domain name! and yes, hooray for connecting with old and new friends. happy friday, katie!

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