12 in ’12

13 Jan

Twelve comforts  I seem to never refuse:

  • a quiet start to the morning
  • spell check*
  • the calmness of a small pocket of time to read during afternoon nap
  • good warm soup – split pea soup; tomato & carrot; roasted squash soup, french onion; lentil (to just name a few)
  • the feel of hot mocha (with whip) in my hands
  • stopping to watch the feeding birds
  • the pungent, sweet, crisp smell of salt water
  • crossing off items from a/any to-do list
  • sponge candy from wahl’s chocolates in Buffalo
  • sneaking a look at the girls when they are playing together in their own make believe land
  • the chance to put something in the recycling and not the trash
  • warming my always cold feet on joel’s always warm legs when we sit down together in the evenings

* I used spell check five times while typing this post – one of them was for spell check.  oh, the irony is not lost on me.

What are you comforts you never refuse?

One Response to “12 in ’12”

  1. Alysha January 14, 2012 at 5:17 pm #

    Five Comforts
    * Candy cane green tea from Trader Joe’s
    * Children’s books from a library that is walking distance to my home (The Gruffalo’s Child, A Hundred Dresses)
    * Explosions in the Sky and The Civil Wars in the background
    * Organization in my closet turned office, organization in my bathroom drawer
    * Wegman’s carrying Dr. Pepper and watermelon flavored Jelly Belly’s

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