{for these moments}

23 Jan

For these moments:

  • a 3rd birthday girl who said more “thank yous” than I can remember
  • the swelling in my heart as I went to bed that night thinking of what a privilege it is to be her mommy
  • how she softly and so sweetly whispers she loves me
  • her smile at how her family called and came to celebrate her birthday
  • (more) firewood delivered before it snowed
  • weekend fires in the afternoon and the family room becoming more and more snugly
  • a slight dusting of snow and the world being white for just a few moments
  • extra coffee and lingering in comfy pants
  • a new budget
  • the praise in the midst of blessing
  • the hope of generosity
  • a playmobil hospital (birthday gift) & how it has been played with constantly as the girls help sick patients
  • hearing a very dear friend when way too much time has passed
  • your comments on Little House and how it encourages me to hear of the voice of women recalling their moms reading the same books
  • the morning light through the front windows

For these moments, these pauses, the grace of God in the moment, I am so thankful.


One Response to “{for these moments}”

  1. Jennifer_StudioJRU January 23, 2012 at 8:36 pm #

    Happy Birthday to the birthday girl! How sweet to hear those ‘thank yous’. How wonderful to have a fireplace! I love when the world turns white. Has not been too white this year, which is unusual. 🙂 Loved your list!

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