{yarn along}

1 Feb

This weekend, I finished all the knitting on Sophie’s Wyatt sweater!!.  If I can get my list done today, I will begin to seam up the sides during nap time.  Somehow, I managed almost no laundry last week.  Inevitably this meant I had WAY more to whiz and whirl through the machine this week.  The next disc of Little Dorrit arrived from Netflix, so I had a little system working as I folded while the girls were resting.  It was warm enough to hang a few loads on the clothesline, and they smelled so nice coming inside.

I flew through Money Saving Mom as soon as I brought it home from the library.  There are a couple tips, I would like to reread to glean a couple ideas Crystal Paine mentions. Some ideas were new, some were good reminders. I picked up the book because I want to be the best steward of what we have been given, and it is always a good idea to read about what others are doing well and see ways I could potentially simplify or think differently about our finances.

As soon as I finished Money Saving Mom, I picked up The 100 Thing Challenge by Dave Bruno.  I had a mixed reaction to this book.  This was due partially because I imposed my idea of a 100 Thing challenge criteria before I read his “rules”.  He did a good job describing his thought process to the 100 Thing challenge, and I appreciated that. He also explained some of the dissonance he felt while doing the challenge.  It was not a stop spending and survive on he 100 things for a year challenge, and prior to reading it, I assumed it would be.  Therefore, some of his trading of the 100 things surprised me. It did make me think about some of the “collections” we have floating around our house and, more importantly, why we have them.  That in and of itself was beneficial.

What are you reading and knitting this week?

++ joining ginny for her weekly yarn along.


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