February 9th

9 Feb

A few things on my mind this Thursday morning, February 9th …

:: Yesterday, I wrote about what strange weather we have been having.  Wouldn’t you know it would snow yesterday evening?? It didn’t stick to anything, but it sure was nice to see some flakes.  Perhaps a little more will come on the day we don’t have errands and preschool and small group …. like, today!

:: The older girls seem to be spinning through their days right now.  I was looking for a picture I took the other day I and found the one Ella took of Sophie spinning. I started laughing out loud.  This is exactly how they are right now.  Spinning and full of questions.

:: The Valentine’s Day party at preschool took me by surprise.  Of course, I knew when it was on the calendar, but this is the first year we have needed to make a class set of valentines.  We are almost done peeling crayons for this valentines project.

:: Last week, I made some laundry detergent.  I like it.  The cloth diapers seem to be cleaner after only a wash or two.

:: Joel is traveling for work this week.  He pulled the girls aside unbeknownst to me before he left.  He must have spoke their language because yesterday they mentioned a treat when dad came home.  Ella told me “the morer we nap, the better we are, the lesser we whine  and the prouder dad will be”.

:: I am thinking of creating “projects I want to finish list.  I have one side left to seam up on the wyatt sweater for Sophie and then it is all hers – just like I want!

:: My plan is to make a small list to accomplish today, be done early, make stew for dinner, and find some pockets of time to knit on the cowl I swatched yesterday.  (Notice, how I put that on the list?)

:: If I am changing yarns in a pattern, especially weight yarn, I still always swatch.  I just like to know, you know?  Good thing I did because the pattern calls for a chunky yarn, and the yarn I wanted to use is a worsted weight, held double to get a chunky look. It swatched too small at first, so now I know how many stitches to add to get the length I am after.

One Response to “February 9th”

  1. Julie February 10, 2012 at 2:00 pm #

    Hey it’s Julie! (your old CFA friend 🙂 Love that I found you on pinterest and your beautiful blog. Question – did you use borax in your laundry detergent? I made some that way, then read the warnings on the box and looked it up online and ended up throwing all of mine away: Seems like all of the “mom blogs’ recommend it, but I don’t think it is safe – I would love to find an alternative if you have one —-

    “Borax is often recommended as a “safe” pesticide, fungicide and cleaner, but it is officially classified as a poison. Government sites recommend that people who work with Borax use gloves and handle it with caution. Studies have linked it to reproductive problems in some lab animals, as well as a host of serious disorders at higher levels.

    Boric acid is an acute eye and respiratory tract irritant, which is quite toxic if ingested. In addition, it is unavailable in parts of Europe because of concerns that it caused birth defects and problems with the reproductive organs of children. It is recommended that pregnant women and children in particular do not have exposure to Borax.”

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