Begin with me

14 Feb

It is a funny thing when you try to teach your children matters of the heart. You get a little glimpse into the reality that you yourself have not put them into practice very well.  This past week I saw I was the perfect example of impatience for them to follow all the while I am explaining (loudly) how they need to be nice to each other.  My favorite moment from the week was when I yelled “stop yelling at each other”.  I sat down with my journal and an open heart before God and asked to be changed first.  I want love to start with me.

I will keep trying to be kind first.

I will keep trying to be patient first.

I will keep trying to speak politely.

And, I will fail because that is only how far my love can go.

I will ask you to forgive me.

Together we will love each other the best we can.

Together we will know all love is rooted in forgiveness.

Together we will begin again tomorrow.

Together we will be confident that there is a Love never fails; a Love that never gives up.  a Love that never runs out.


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