Sauté, Sautée

12 Mar

Our (middle) ballerina had her first ballet performance.  Her proud momma thought she did spectacular!

She has been waiting for this class for so long.  She patiently went to Ella’s ballet classes before Ella started preschool.  Without fail, she would have Ella show her the moves when she came home.  Once Ella wasn’t in class they turned the foyer into their own private stage and performed their own dancing extravaganzas.  We told her once she turned three she would be able to take classes at the rec center.  The winter brochure came out and class started exactly five days before her third birthday.  So, I did what any honest momma would do.  I enrolled her and fibbed when filling out the enrollment information.  Neither she nor I looked back.

She started the second session today.  Let the sauté, sautée begin.


One Response to “Sauté, Sautée”

  1. Katie March 12, 2012 at 9:50 pm #

    She looks like she’s concentrating so hard! How sweet 🙂

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