March 21

21 Mar

After a not so great nap time Sunday afternoon, I found myself with a pocket of time and some quiet later that day while dinner was cooking.  I only had about twenty pages left in Wildwood.  I snuck up to my room, with the book, a cup of chai, and my planner.  I downloaded my thoughts and to-dos for the week onto paper while waiting for the tea to cool, and then I finished the book!  Half and hour later I stood up, pronounced those few unexpected and cherished moments to be heavenly and went downstairs ready for the rest of the evening.

:: Even with my best planning effort, the first two days of this week went by in a whirlwind.

On Monday night, Joel’s mom and sister came to visit, and we took with the girls to a Ballet Magnificat! performance.  Joel’s sister will be participating in their Summer Intensive Workshop and it was really great to see a performance.  The girls were captivated.  The touring company performed ‘Deliver Us’ (The Story of Moses) and ‘The Arrival’.  In true Ella fashion, she asked questions to understand every detail.  In the burning bush scene, the voice of God speaks over the music.  “Mom, who is that?”God”, I whisper, hoping that answers all her questions for a few minutes.  “The REAL God????????”, in utter wonderment!

As for Wildwood, I mentioned earlier I was not crazy about it. I picked it back up after a few weeks, and I enjoyed the end of the story more than I did to the slower start of the beginning.  The illustrations through out the book were wonderful, and there were a few full page, full color ones that were a rare treat.

Signs of spring all around.  Hope you have a wonderful day!

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