{for these moments}

5 Apr

For these moments:

  • the dark stillness of the early morning when all is calm, and you have those blissful few minutes still snuggled in the warmth
  • make believe games.  The girls woke up half and hour ago; they have not asked for breakfast, and they have not even come downstairs yet.  They made their way into the playroom, ushered in Eva, and began a bedtime for their dolls game.
  • unpinning a blocking sweater and realizing (with delight) it blocked to a much larger size.  It will fit my Evie through spring, summer and fall.
  • the squeals of the girls & their friends running in the back yard and hanging from the swing set trying to sneak in as much play before the twilight
  • while the parents sit and linger over dessert and new friendships
  • the chipmunk who has become our friend thanks to the bird feeder
  • one upstairs and one downstairs closet completely cleaned out
  • Lady reading her book to me earlier this week
  • Eva creating a word to call Sophie.  It begins with an ‘S’ and sounds more like ‘sis’, but it most definitely for Sophie
  • my sister coming for a spring visit
  • the spot in the nook of your arm where you baby can snuggle her head at bedtime, rub your face, and say ‘ba ba ba’ (translate: sing me Ba BA Black Sheep)

For these moments, these pauses, the grace of God in the moment, I am so thankful.

What are you thankful for this morning?

2 Responses to “{for these moments}”

  1. Ellen April 11, 2012 at 3:24 pm #

    Such wonderful special and everyday moments – if you don’t stop and savor, they’ll be missed. Will you share your knitted blocked sweater?

  2. Jenny August 29, 2014 at 5:24 pm #

    Heck of a job there, it abulestoly helps me out.

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