Wildflower Path

20 Apr

I started this dress last year when I found the spring and summer calico fabrics on sale at Joann’s.  Knowing it would be a great dress for Eva this spring, it was cut out bigger and I have slowly been working on it.

This dress makes me daydream of English cottages.  Moss covered rocks.  Teeny tiny little ferns emerging through last year’s discarded leaves.  Bluebell flowers on the path.  Red geraniums in pedestal urns.  A little babbling creek just the right depth to hike up one’s dress for a midday toe dip.   Acorns to make into acorn fairies.  Cream tea in pots. Farmer neighbors who have sheep to peek their head through our fence. And, laughter filling the walls of our home.

Eva will wear her dress.

In my real life, the moss is trying to peek up between the patio bricks.  I still have yet to buy the geraniums for this year.  I have to fill the plastic pool for a midday toe dip, and we have to drive to the sheep.  But, we have lots of laughter to fill our space.

And, Eva looks just as beautiful in her real life dress as she does in my wandering thoughts.


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