Sunny Day. Rainy Day. Everyday.

27 Apr

If you gave each of my daughters seven dresses apiece, they would be happy.  Jeans prompt tears.  They finagle their way out of pants, unless they are leggings under skirts or dresses.  I sorted Ella’s clothes with her last week.  We moved all the clothes that were too small out of the drawers into the queue of boxes for Sophia and, then, Eva.  For the past two clothes switches, I have also been asking if she likes the piece of clothing before it goes into her drawer for the first time.  We have let go of what she tells me she doesn’t like.  This has made getting dressed easier for her.  As her independence continues to grow, she has taken more of an interest in matching her own outfits.  To make getting her dressed easier for her (and me) I wanted her to have a couple skirts she could put on as often as she wanted with as many different shirts as she wanted.   Sunny days. Sunny days she wishes were rainy days so she can use her new umbrella. Rainy days.  Everyday.

The skirt was made from Sugar City’s tutorial with an awesome thrift store find: 4 yards of uncut chambray.   I can make skirts ’til the cows come home.   She said she would like another one, in a different color, just in case this one is still in the laundry.


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