a long journey home

28 Aug

Hello friends!  A whole lots of Mills family life happened this summer, and I think we are coming up for some air and settling into a new, and now familiar, routine.  I missed you here, but knew it was for the best that I was focusing on all of us here in the present.

We moved back to Charlottesville! We moved just over two years ago for Joel’s new job.  A new town and a change of life was  great adventure for a season; but, in all honesty, there was a small hope that one day God would pave a way for us to move back to Charlottesville.  Joel has kept the same job and now has a home office.

It took a little while to get our new house settled and set up for all the living we knew we would need to do in it everyday.  There is such a balance when you are renting between making a house a home and what the rental company will allow you to change; what they will pay for; and how much energy you want to exert.  What did get done (so far) was some painting, and some organizing to get set up.  I am anxiously awaiting the workman to come and tear down the very expired wallpaper in our bedroom.  Joel and I also need to tackle a sponge painting project gone oh so wrong in the girls’ bathroom.  The garage is set to be tackled.  Soon.  Moving sure makes you realize how much stuff you actually own and don’t want to anymore.   Moving also makes me realize how much I want to sew.   Soon.

After much prayer and consideration, we decided Ella would do Kindergarten at home with me.  We started yesterday morning!  This is where much of our organizing effort was focused. The school room and the playroom are the same room – very much on purpose since we have a Sophie and an Eva also attending our school.  I think we have a system that is easy enough for the girls to use, aesthetically pleasing enough for me, and clutter free enough for school to actually take place.

In the midst of it all, we have been playing at the water park, and visiting the farmers market, picking peaches, laying around on the screened in porch,  and taking trips to see extended family.  It has been busy.  It has been wonderful.  And, I wouldn’t trade a single day of it!  Here’s to seeing you much, much more.  I missed you and this section of my life.

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