yarn along

12 Sep

Mid-September keeps blessing with near perfect mid-mornings.  Ella is drawing the sun smiling on her daily calendar and asking if we can go outside as soon as school is finished each morning.  We actually will have many more weeks where we can be outside, however, I am not sure how many more near perfect – no jacket, no worry about it being too hot – there will be.  We are soaking them all up with swing pushes, scientist discoveries, and unearthing shinning crystals from the old and abandoned coy pond in the backyard .  The original owners of the house put in a  coy fish pond; then took the fish when they moved and left a spot of three feet of standing water in the back corner.  We drained it as soon as we moved it.  The only benefit I can see to this mosquito breeding ground is the shinny rocks they put near the pond.  You should hear the squeals of delight as they unearth another crystal.

I cast on for the Oaklet Shawl while I was away this summer because I needed something to knit while I was on the trip.  The past couple mornings I have been taking it into the backyard while the scientists do their discovering.  I really love the color of the yarn.  I had forgotten it was a light fingering/sock weight yarn, so it is a little slow going.  Good thing there are so many shinning crystals!

Currently, I am flip flopping between books.  I began Persuasion.  I actually don’t know much about the story so I am enjoying experiencing an Austen story for the first time.  I picked up Heaven on Earth after seeing it mentioned a reading post over at Stitched in Color.  I was curious to read the chapters on indoor play in regards to the younger two girls during school time.  Once I had the book at home, I learned the author worked to found the Waldorf School where we live, and her son worked with Joel at his first job.  Isn’t it a small world sometimes?

What are reading and knitting?  Thanks for stopping by from Small Things today.  I am glad you are here!


3 Responses to “yarn along”

  1. stitchandpurl September 12, 2012 at 2:53 pm #

    I heard a lot about Heaven on Earth, it’s been on my list for a while now… if only they had it in our library!
    The colour of your yarn is lovely; I find myself knitting with lots of greens and autumnal colours these days, thoroughly enjoying the perfect mornings we’ve been getting here too.

  2. Erin September 12, 2012 at 9:20 pm #

    I looked at Heaven on Earth a while back and it was lovely. We have decided to go with a more traditional Montessori education for Kate… I can’t keep up with everything that Waldorf does with the seasons and natural world. Your yarn is beautiful… good luck with the shawl!


  1. Oaklet Shawl & poems « - December 5, 2012

    […] have been very slowly working on my Oaklet Shawl I cast on for a while ago.  I intended this project to be one that I could work on when I have time, and not worry about. […]

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