Our Weekend

24 Sep

Our weekend welcomed a new soccer player to the family.  Ella has long awaited this day. As I was sipping my coffee, out of the quiet came a simple song,  ” Yay, yay, yay! soccer day is finally here.”  Sophie needed handmade pom-poms to bring to the game and was the sweetest cheerleader I have ever seen.

There were Saturday chores without complaint, and a snugly nap with Sophie.  There was dinner with friends.  Talk of hopes prayerfully on the horizon.  Followed up with hair styling advice.  Friends, this is the making of a good evening; should anyone be wanting a formula.

Sunday was peaceful and what I wished every Sunday could be.  Everyone settled and happy to play.  A little reading. Chilly enough to need a blanket.    A little Chai tea.  A little football.   A nap, this time with Ella.  Chicken and dumplings for dinner – and one child declaring I NEED to make this again because it’s a favorite.

One Response to “Our Weekend”

  1. barefootrooster September 24, 2012 at 9:54 pm #

    hooray to all of this. xoxo.

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