Right Now

8 Nov

:: I am amazed at the simple power of a post-it. I wrote down what was expected, handed them the post-its after school, and told them they may watch the new episode of The Backyardagins if they completed the chores on the list.  Well, they ran to get them done and helped each other this morning.  Funny thing, neither one of them can read the entire list; they just like to see it written down and know how many chores they have.

:: Earlier this week we finished reading Charlotte’s Web.  Last night, we made pizza and watched the movie while eating on the couch.  They loved the movie and were talking about it as they went to bed last night.  As we were reading the section where Charlotte was selecting her second word to write in the web, Sophie asked me why Charlotte did not chose to write “Don’t eat Wilber!”.  I hope she never changes.

:: The girls and I will drop off their Operation Christmas Child Boxes today.  For the past two years, each girl has filled a shoebox.  They choose the gender and age of the child they would like to receive their gift and we go shopping for the gifts.  All they have left to do is draw a picture for their child.  This year,  I hope someone writes back! They would be over the moon excited.

:: Earlier this week as I washing dishes, the word steady came into my mind.  It just felt like the right word for this current season.  While we do not have a ton going on, I do have areas of my life where I feel I must be consistent.  I have been trying to be more steady and less marathon-y.  Steady in finishing my tasks for the day.  And, steady in trying to tackle some of our larger sized projects by simply plugging away at them for a little bit at a time.  Yesterday, I got the last of the warmer weather clothes boxes stacked into the garage.  Earlier this week, Joel and I took a large donation to the thrift store.  For several years now we have had a donation box in our garage and every time we come across something we don’t think we really need, we place it in our donation box.  This is the second load we have dropped off since moving.  A couple chairs need to make their way onto Craigslist, and I need to figure out a better way to store our art supplies, however.  Slow and Steady, right?

:: I am hoping to have a little a knitting time and watch an episode of Upstairs Downstairs {The current season is airing on PBS.} while I wait for Joel to get back from his trip.

Friends, I hope you have a steady day filled with much joy.


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