Thanksgiving week

28 Nov

Last week, we took the whole week off to celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday.  There was just enough Thanksgiving crafting, football with uncles, Just Dance 4, and giggling over the cat & Eva Joy’s persistence in chasing a string for us to forget our normal routine.  This week, oh this week, we are a slow moving engine in need of a good oiling.  I am most grateful for the extra week of getting back from Thanksgiving travel and the start of December. I feel as if I have been gifted time to get everything situated before we really begin celebrating the Christmas season.  All five of us are fighting off the beginning of colds and we are trying to heal them before they make us feel really bad.     As we attempted to settle back into school, we had a rough couple days with remembering what we worked on before holiday.  I spent a great deal of time yesterday searching for games to play that would reinforce the CVC (consonant – vowel – consonant) words Ella and I have been working on in our times together.  Teacher-Mama, friends, do any of you have suggestions???  I would be most appreciative to hear of things you did with your Kindergarteners to reinforce the words.

Last night, the girls in my book club had a craft night.  I finally began one of the yarn wreaths I have been admiring for so long.  In between bites of delicious cheese with cranberries and chocolate covered Jo-Jos (Trader Joe’s amazing cookies), I managed to get the wreath wrapped.  Now to invest in a glue gun so I make the felt flowers.

I am off to play a game of word bingo and wait for our middle girl to awake.  See you soon, friends!

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