Eva’s “Pack Pack”

3 Dec

A couple years ago I sewed Ella a backpack, but I don’t think it ever made it onto the blog.    The person who really took to it and thought it was hers, however, was Eva.   This summer, she carried Ella’s backpack around all the time.

For her birthday,  I decided she needed a backpack of her own. Eva’s ‘Pack Pack’ is made from a vintage sheet.  The straps are a Kona solid in matching color, and I decided to go with adjustable D-rings instead of the plastic adjusters.  At first, she was still smitten with Ella’s, and my heart sank just a little with Eva’s hesitancy toward her new backpack.  With a little prompting, Ella told her backpack was pretty, and if Eva wore hers they would be matching sisters.  This is important stuff to a two year old.

This is perfect place and size for all the treasures little girls are always collecting.  Please tell me you know the ones I am talking about – rocks from parking lots, teeny tiny plastic animals given as prizes in the token machine at the bank, marbles from games, sequins found in the corner from long ago art projects, counting frogs from the school bin, and I am sure the list goes on.

Rae’s pattern for this backpack is great and it really comes together without a hitch. Promise.  The directions for layering the zipper, piping, straps, etc are very clear and with a fair amount of pins it just comes together like magic.

Sophie let me know she was the only sister without a backpack, and wanted to know if I could fix that for her birthday.


One Response to “Eva’s “Pack Pack””

  1. athowell01 December 3, 2012 at 8:33 pm #

    This is TOO CUTE! I must keep this in mind for some day!

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