Oaklet Shawl & poems

5 Dec


I have been very slowly working on my Oaklet Shawl I cast on for a while ago.  I intended this project to be one that I could work on when I have time, and not worry about. It has been nice to have a project like this.   The main part of the shawl, before the lace repeats, is easy enough to work on during a movie or when I am watching the girls in the backyard.  My other knitting project is to the decrease point, and I have to be a little more careful with that one right now.  During a Christmas movie, over the weekend, I realized I was only 12 repeats away from being able to begin the lace portion. Once I get to the lace portion, I do believe it will take quite a bit more concentration, so I am not sure when it will moved into the cast off pile.

The past two days the weather has been in the 70s here in Virginia , and we spent most of both days in the backyard. On Monday, I was so surprised by the temperatures.  Not knowing we were suppose to get nice weather, I had discussion with the girls about wearing warmer clothes since it is December, after all.  Little did I know.   All previous plans for the day were thrown out the window, and we were outside.  We had many (almost 30!) bags of leaves that needed to be picked up.  We raked leaves earlier in the fall, before all the leaves had dropped and never actually made it into the backyard to do the necessary yard work back there.  Both days I took my knitting in the backyard while they ran and ran and ran.  The fresh air was just what we all needed.  Their moods have been noticeably different the past two days.

I am between books right now. {Suggestions, appreciated.}   After finishing Persuasion and loving it, I have not found a book that is really keeping my attention.  I had several holds come up at the library and all of them are sitting 15 pages begun on my nightstand due back today.  Oh well.  Last week, I did pick up a book of poems, The Ordering of Love,  by Madeleine L’Engle and have been enjoying them very much.  Poetry is not my normal reading; so while a nice change of pace, I am still looking for a good plot of grab me and charm me.  I believe I am almost at the top of the library holds list to pick up Kate Morton’s newest book.  I have loved her other books.  Have any of you read The Secret Keeper?

What are you knitting and reading right now?

Joining ginny for her yarn along loveliness today


3 Responses to “Oaklet Shawl & poems”

  1. stitchandpurl December 6, 2012 at 11:05 am #

    I like having a knitting project you can click away on during a film. But then it’s also fun to have something more complicated. Oh the joy of knitting 🙂
    I hope you find a book soon that grabs you!

  2. Jen Letts December 6, 2012 at 11:53 am #

    Fresh air is tonic for the soul!


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    […] wayside of packing to move, and getting settled in the new house, and playing outside.  Earlier this fall, I took the shawl out from the bottom of my knitting basket and  enjoyed working on the easy body […]

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