Due Date

1 Feb


It’s here!   My mom arrived yesterday afternoon, so this morning I had the rare privilege of putting my makeup on by myself.   I was thinking about how this day seemed so elusive for so long – no matter how close the calendar got to February 1st it just seemed a long way off.   Last Saturday, we set up the baby’s bed in our room, moved in my nighttime nursing chair, got out the newborn diapers, vacuumed in hidden corners, brought out the newborn clothes.  After all that, Joel sent me for a pedicure and suggested take-out pizza when I got home (that man of mine is a keeper).

Yet, there was still something missing. There was a different kind of preparing I needed to do.

Remember the chant from the TV show Friday Night Lights:  “Clear eyes. Full hearts. Can’t lose.”   Yes, that was it.  I needed some of that.

Clear eyes to see the miracle and the magic.

Full heart to give full thanks.

Clear eyes to see the here now.

Full heart to delight in the moment.

:: Can’t lose ::

One Response to “Due Date”

  1. Kathi February 3, 2013 at 3:50 pm #

    Hey Katie,
    I don´t know when is your DATE, but I cross the fingers an whish you all the best.
    I have written my new post in german and english (maybe not perfekt, but I try),
    so wen you want, you can follow me. Your belly looks very lovely. I love so
    cute bellys. I hope it was okay for you?!
    I wish you a good start for the new week. I look forward to read more about you.

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