26 Mar






Our oldest girl turned six on Saturday. Six trips around the sun of her making our life brighter, and better, and more exciting just by being her.  A whole heck of a lot has happened in the past six years, but Ella remains one of the happiest and joyous moments.  For the past six years, she has been my constant companion, living and loving alongside each other. She has been my greatest teacher these past couple years, .  Challenging me to move past comfortable into a deeper and better love.

Ella is a girl whose default speed is excitement. She loves a good plan, and if we haven’t created one quick enough she will step right up to the plate.  She is diligent, thoughtful, considerate, big picture, and well aware of everything going on around her.  As she grows day by day and year by year, she continues to be an amazing blessing.  She is at a age where she takes great delight in being helpful.

Ella willingly bears the responsibility of being the oldest.  She is a partner in crime to Sophie, patient with Eva, and a watchman to Gavin.  As we have been approaching six, many growing milestones have come into place.  Reading had taken off;  riding a bike; making grilled cheese.  I blinked, or changed a diaper, or wiped someone’s nose and Ella seemed to have conquered another  new feat.  So just to slow down time, she and I snuck out on Friday afternoon for a date.  We took a trip to the Downtown Mall and popped in the yarn store per her request. Our date was so Ella could pick out yarn  so we could make a shawl for her Felicity doll and then we were going to get hot chocolate.   The touring antique carousel was  set up in the middle of the Downtown Mall, and Ella skipped from the yarn store to the horses swinging her yarn bag and giggling all the way there.  We rode around and around.  Twirling and laughing together I got to watch her and remember inside my grilled cheese making, reading girl is still my sweet first baby who flipped my life upside down and isn’t too big, after all.


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