yarn along

27 Mar


Above is the progress I have made on my Tiny Tea Leaves Cardigan.  This sweater is for Sophie.   This morning, Sophie chose to wear her Blue Wyatt sweater I knit for her exactly a year ago. (I love having a chronicle of our days through this space, because in my mind it was much longer ago than that.)   Proud of herself for choosing something warm enough, she came into my room. It was laughable.  A little too short in the belly, way too short in the arms.  We can make it work for the rest of the cold season if I roll the sleeves up a tad to make it look intentional.  I convinced her, for today and a trip out of the house, a better match for her stripped tights was to wear the vest she inherited from Ella.  She looked adorable.  Moral of the story: kids in hand knits are fantastic whether the knits are in queue, ready to be retired and passed to the third born, or inherited.  I must keep knitting!

Ella and I are working on a unit at school based on the book, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs.  Today, we talked about the 5W’s of a news story and conducted a little experiment in preparation for learning about the water cycle tomorrow.  We rapidly boiled water on the stove and talked about evaporation.  Then, as she noticed the water droplets settling on the the microwave door, we discussed condensation.  Did you know they wrote  a sequel to the book called Pickles to Pittsburg?  We read it today, and the girls loved that one too.  I found the lap book/unit online as I was searching for hand-on activities to go along with learning the water cycle.  Originally, I was just planning on teaching a science aspect of the book, and using this book as a silly tag-a-long. I really liked the social studies part of the lap book.  So far, we discussed community helpers, maps, map keys, directions, and today the 5 W’s of a news report.   People create some pretty cool things and share them, for that I am really grateful.

I hope you have a great Wednesday, and some real tulips bloom outside just as pretty as the ones we have inside.

Joining Ginny for the weekly yarn-along

2 Responses to “yarn along”

  1. Donna March 27, 2013 at 12:38 pm #

    I am thankful to have a blog to look back at myself. My memory can’t hold that much info! Your cardigan is going to be adorable!

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