Everyday Beauty 4::30

4 Apr



8 years since JMU.

9 kids between us.

These two beautiful mamas have been my friends for a long time, and I am so glad they are in my life.  Last night, we sat at my kitchen table no longer talking about where we would go for Spring Break, but instead how one of these families will leave for Thailand in a couple weeks.  We talked about mama stuff and what we make for dinner.  This is the stuff  your twenty year old self could never imagine you would find interesting enough to discuss over sangria.   The questions were real.  The answers were honest. Old friends, good friends rather, have a way of doing that.  They leave, and you feel like your soul was watered.

In these eight years since college, we have lived on different coasts, across oceans, even across multiple oceans at times, and sometimes it works out that we are all in Virginia at the same time. My kids were teary when they left, and then spent this morning talking about their friends and riding on elephants.   I am fortunate one of the families lives just over the mountain.  The family that is moving to Thailand, Heather’s family, will be working with International Justice Mission to combat the child trafficking which occurs within its borders.  I am so glad people’s heart strings are being tugged upon to work to an end of this awful abuse.  This is a topic which brings tears to my eyes almost  as soon as I begin talking about it.  Words fail me for how deeply this angers me.  Tonight, I am simply grateful for IJM, the people who serve around the world, and the small pockets of redemption being brought to a broken world.

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