Everyday Beauty

18 Apr


I took this picture late last Wednesday night.  Joel searching for a ‘Diamond in the Ruff’!  Last week, our home search was in full force.   I really did not think our search to find a new place to live would lead us here, but I am so happy that it did.  We found a place with land to run on and grow a garden, an office space, and potential for remodeling.  It’s a place we can be happy at for a long time.  We made an offer on the house Friday night and Joel flew out to London for business Saturday morning.  We received notice that we are ratified and can move forward with the inspection next week.  So excited, so very excited!!!  Joel comes home tonight and we will be able to celebrate together!

Throughout the very busy week, I have been hunting for Everyday Beauties all around me, and finding them, but for sanity sake I am not going to try to backtrack for everyday.  I am just going to pick up in the present.  I would love it you joined me – even without picture; just leave the beauties in the comments section.

One Response to “Everyday Beauty”

  1. Andy Gingrich April 18, 2013 at 9:16 pm #

    Congrats!! SO excited for you guys. Hope Joel had an uneventful flight home and you’re enjoying the evening together.

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