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Everyday Beauty 2:30

2 Apr





We have been reading The Complete Tales of Beatrix Potter, specifically The Tale of Mr. Tod. This one is Eva’s favorite. And, I love the way she rolls “Mr.Tod” off her tongue as if it was always intended to be one word said by a two year old.   Sophie understands the relationship between rabbits and foxes, so she doesn’t like Mr. Tod at all.  No matter how you feel about Mr. Tod,  it is better with pink sunglasses and moccasins, naturally.

Eva’s “Pack Pack”

3 Dec

A couple years ago I sewed Ella a backpack, but I don’t think it ever made it onto the blog.    The person who really took to it and thought it was hers, however, was Eva.   This summer, she carried Ella’s backpack around all the time.

For her birthday,  I decided she needed a backpack of her own. Eva’s ‘Pack Pack’ is made from a vintage sheet.  The straps are a Kona solid in matching color, and I decided to go with adjustable D-rings instead of the plastic adjusters.  At first, she was still smitten with Ella’s, and my heart sank just a little with Eva’s hesitancy toward her new backpack.  With a little prompting, Ella told her backpack was pretty, and if Eva wore hers they would be matching sisters.  This is important stuff to a two year old.

This is perfect place and size for all the treasures little girls are always collecting.  Please tell me you know the ones I am talking about – rocks from parking lots, teeny tiny plastic animals given as prizes in the token machine at the bank, marbles from games, sequins found in the corner from long ago art projects, counting frogs from the school bin, and I am sure the list goes on.

Rae’s pattern for this backpack is great and it really comes together without a hitch. Promise.  The directions for layering the zipper, piping, straps, etc are very clear and with a fair amount of pins it just comes together like magic.

Sophie let me know she was the only sister without a backpack, and wanted to know if I could fix that for her birthday.

Wildflower Path

20 Apr

I started this dress last year when I found the spring and summer calico fabrics on sale at Joann’s.  Knowing it would be a great dress for Eva this spring, it was cut out bigger and I have slowly been working on it.

This dress makes me daydream of English cottages.  Moss covered rocks.  Teeny tiny little ferns emerging through last year’s discarded leaves.  Bluebell flowers on the path.  Red geraniums in pedestal urns.  A little babbling creek just the right depth to hike up one’s dress for a midday toe dip.   Acorns to make into acorn fairies.  Cream tea in pots. Farmer neighbors who have sheep to peek their head through our fence. And, laughter filling the walls of our home.

Eva will wear her dress.

In my real life, the moss is trying to peek up between the patio bricks.  I still have yet to buy the geraniums for this year.  I have to fill the plastic pool for a midday toe dip, and we have to drive to the sheep.  But, we have lots of laughter to fill our space.

And, Eva looks just as beautiful in her real life dress as she does in my wandering thoughts.

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16 Mar

joining in with Amanda for {this moment} – A Friday ritual. A single photo – no words – capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor and remember.

my sleeping babe

9 Dec

I am joining in with Amanda for {this moment} – A Friday ritual. A single photo – no words – capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor and remember.

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Walking Sweater

9 Nov

I began this sweater after a little trip to a knitting shop while at the beach this summer.  I was just waiting until it was cool enough for the Eva to need a little backyard sweater.  Earlier this fall, I tried it on her to make sure I liked the fit and sure enough it was no longer long enough.  That is an easy fix to be sure.  But, the most wonderful thing happened.  As soon as she had the sweater on, she stood up and took her first steps – five of them with no thought that she had never even done one step before!  This might be the very best walking sweater, indeed.

To add the length, I picked up the bottom hem stitches and knit one more stockinette & garter pattern in the round and bound off again.

I seem to be too distracted, by who knows what, to get very much reading done.  I still, slowly, making my way through A Red Herring without Mustard. It seems to never leave my bedside table, which means I am only getting approximately 1.25 pages read before my eyes shut.  I am enjoying it, but already thinking about what my next read should be.  I want a snuggle under a quilt, want to keep reading more, book.

What are you reading and knitting?


joining ginny for her weekly yarn along

Eva’s First Birthday

22 Aug

Eva, you are a little sweetie pie.  Still incredibly attached to mama, but as the days go on I am sensing you are beginning to want to venture out on your  little bit more.   I am quite certain you will be the quiet ponderer and thinker of our little clan.  You have something figured out in that brain of yours.  A little Evie secret.    You can crawl up the stairs in the blink of an eye.  Ella is the word you say best.  Come to think of it, the only word you say,  really.  You started crawling while we were at the beach, and are happy to keep on crawling along.   Yesterday, you discovered you can walk with the help of the push toy.  I wonder how long until you are brave enough to let go.

We celebrated your birthday last night.  You had your birthday cupcake.  You loved it and ate more than I have ever seen a baby eat of their cake.  You stared at us as we sang to you.  Halfway through the song I think you caught on to the fact we were singing to you and you hammed it up – bobbing your head, raising your arms, clapping.  You helped unwrap your birthday presents.  I watched you and almost couldn’t believe how you could play along with all of us.

To me, Eva has stayed a baby the longest.  Deep down I am grateful.  I found myself hanging on a little tighter each and every day to the baby moments all the while knowing, and denying,  you are really starting to grow into a little girl.

Beautiful Eva Joy – may this year be filled with much happiness as we enjoy every day with you.  I can’t imagine life without my little koala bear.